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My shoes arrived today and as always, they are beautiful, well made and as durable and walkable as a pair of boots (but much prettier!).
Shell collection is such a sturdy sole and exactly the right shape for my wide feet. I have 2 other pairs of shell shoes and they have lasted years and still look and feel fabulous. What would I do without Naot shoes . . . I hope they keep making Shell collection.

Jade (19/12/2018)

Hi guys, 
Just received my shoes. 
Thank you so much for the best service . 
Ordered on Sunday, wearing them on Wednesday . 
I am a Naot groupie. Absolutely adore the trendy styles and most importantly the comfort .
Every time I wear my Naot shoes, I get stopped in the st and asked what brand they are. 
My new Krista /polar sea /navy blue are adorable. 
This is my 4th pair of Naots and I won't buy anything else now . 
Thanks again 

Viv (12/12/2018)

Received parcel today. Many thanks for efficient service. Sandals look and fit great!

V (22/11/2018)

My order arrived today, thank you. I'm impressed as four days from order to receiving it. Beats the mail service here in NZ.

Harriet (19/11/2018)

Hi guys,

I would like to thank you very much for prompt dispatch of my order.

I had exactly the same sandals for over 7 years till my friends bloody dog chewed and totally destroyed one of them. I was devastated, because I bought that pair back in Europe and know that its impossible to get these sandals in NZ and what's more I'm going to travel for next 5 months and really need hiking sandals.

So I'm very glad that I found the same pair in Aussie in your shop, which is as comfy as my old pair of sandals.

Once again thank you guys.

Petra (22/10/2018)

Another fabulous pair of shoes, thank you for great service.

Jane (01/09/2018)

&My new pair of NAOT's just arrived. Fit perfectly - check, no wearing in faze just the most comfortable shoes ever - check. This is the third pair of NAOT's I have now. The other two are still going strong, this pair is for work. Best shoes I have ever owned and of course great service guys thanks!

Jim (04/07/2018)

Dear Naot of Kew Team,

Just to say, I’m very happy with my new shoes (x2 pairs) purchased in Feb/March. They are wonderfully comfortable and fit my feet very well.

Lots of friends have commented on how good they look, so I tell them where I got them—of course!

Always happy to help Israel. Thanks again.

Heather (10/05/2018)

After some research regarding supportive footwear I have just purchased two pairs of Naot sandals. I received very helpful customer service from the sales assistant in your Kew Shop on Sunday 25 Feb. She was spot on with her suggestions and very pleasant while also serving two other customers and it was great to come away with such a postive experience. Well done (not sure of her name). Thank-you for taking the customer seriously and not being dismissive or impatient.

Heather (25/02/2018)

I would love to say thank you for the quick service for your postage. I ordred my order on the Monday and recieved it on the Wednesday.

Pauline (14/02/2018)

My Naots just arrived safe and sound. My old ones are gone and my feet are now "Happy Feet".

Thank you so much.

Kay (29/01/2018)

Thankyou so much for the delivery of my shoes such quick and amazing service.

Very pleased with my purchase.

Julie (6/12/2017)

Dear Team at Naot,

I have never encountered such efficiency Shoes ordered on Friday, on my feet (comfortably) on the following Monday night.

Thank you!

Anne (21/11/2017)

Good morning, I have just received my order for 2 pairs sandals. I want to thank you for such great service and prompt delivery.

I am very happy with my purchases and cannot wait to get some spring & summer weather to wear them.

Again thank you.

Jeanette (12/10/2017)

My shoes arrived this morning. On my feet now. Comfortable as usual. Pretty good service.

Jan (3/10/2017)

Fantastic range of quality shoes for all occasions. Staff were so polite and very helpful. Highly recommend shopping at Naot.

Liz (14/8/2017)

I would like to say thank you for being such a wonderful company.I have just bought my second pair of Naot sandals from you on line, but have several other pairs bought in stores. Not only are Naot the most comfortable sandals for my problem feet I have ever worn, but your company is wonderful to deal with. Efficient, quick and helpful. A model for others not nearly as good.

Dorothy (26/5/2017)

Your shop in Kew is wonderful and I am so glad to have had the chance to visit finally. It is a long way from the first place I came across Naot Shoes about seven years ago in a bargain bin. Special thank you to Jacqui/Jackie and her efforts above and beyond to accomodate all my requests. I've ordered two pairs of shoes so far that I never would have picked from the website, with more to come. Love Naot! Love the team!

Kim (25/4/2017)

Many thanks for a quick delivery of my new sandals to Perth.

My last pair of these Naot's lasted me approx 7-8 years, many miles of walking and still have some time left until I call it quits.

Tony (17/3/2017)

Thank you for my new shoes. They arrived today (well before I expected - Australian post obviously messed up.

It has been a very easy and painless transaction and the personal note enclosed was a lovely touch - thank you. The shoes are perfect for me.

Catherine (10/2/2017)

New shoes arrived this morning after ordering them on the weekend.

Marvellous service and topped off by a personal hand written note.

I think this is my 4th or 5th pair of the same sandals, they're terrific and your shoes are the best fit for my dodgy feet. It's difficult to get the full range in our area and often you find a shoe and it's not available in the right size. Of course, the shops can't stock everything.

This is the first time I have purchased on-line and I was thrilled to find your website, I'll be back for a winter shoes soon.

Most of all, I just wanted to say 'great service'.

Chris (1/2/2017)

Great service, the sandals arrived yesterday and I've only taken them off to go to bed. So comfortable, and the fit is fine.

Susan (13/1/2017)

Thanks for your exemplary service with my recent purchase when I had to return my purchase for a larger size.The whole process took no more than 3 days with express post. This is in addition to your quality product.

Milena (13/1/2017)

Hi, just letting you know I am really happy with these shoes and with your service. i rarely look anywhere else for shoes. And I think Naot Allegro range were made with my difficult feet in mind!

Jen (7/12/2016)

I received two pairs of Tabitha sandals on 29 November 2016, which was quick delivery, and they are fantastic, as all the other shoes and sandals have been since shopping at your online store for several years now. Naot are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.

One pair was for me, and the other pair was for my mum. She hasn't had Naot before, and she likes them too, and they fit her. She likes the inner soles, she found them comfortable. I use orthotics in all my Naots and they are good too in the shoes.

I also received a Waterstop spray to protect the shoes, and I have several polishes that I use on my shoes and sandals from your store as well.

Thanks for your fantastic service.

Joanne (30/11/2016)

My new black sandals have arrived, thank you. As expected, they fit like a dream and are very comfortable. This is my 6th pair of Naots - usually I get them from Elf Shoes/Easy Living but, I must say, looking at the full range is terriffic.

Anne (11/11/2016)

Just a quick thank you for the prompt and efficient attention my order received from you.

This is the first time I have ordered on line and it certainly won't be the last due to your excellent customer service.

Many thanks,

Carol (22/9/2016)

Thank- you Naot of Kew. I have my lovely new Susans to wear now that Spring has arrived in Brisbane. Your service is second to none, I love the hand- written note that comes with my shoes, and the one time I had to return something, it was not a problem. My last season's Emmas still get compliments all the time.

Kind regards,

Libby (17/9/2016)

I received my new Naot black Rongo shoes today, what fabulous service.

A big shout out to everyone who dealt with my order - your customer service is amazing, along with your website which makes it a breeze to be able to place an online order with your store. Such an all round pleasurable shopping experience.

Thankyou so much, and I am really looking forward to wearing my new Naots as I make my way through Italy!!

Thank you again.

Cheryl (11/8/2016)

I am very impressed with your service and delivery. The shoes arrived in perfect time with lots of notification. These are my 6th pair of Naots and my fourth pair of this style. As comfortable as ever. Thank you again.

Helen (1/7/2016)

I received my order this morning. Thank you so much for your fast efficient service. I just love these shoes, the style comfort and colours. I now have 5 pairs of this shoe in different colours. Had I known of your store I would have purchased all of my shoes from you. I have had many great comments on my shoes. I will direct any potential buyers to your site. I look forward to being a ongoing customer. Once again, many thanks.

Martha (18/6/2016)

Many thanks for your wonderful online service. It cannot be faulted. I have such trouble buying shoes - think very narrow feet; arthritic foot joints and orthotics!!! I recently purchased the Levanto boots (Black Combo) and they look and feel great. Will be wonderful for winter. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all your staff for their warmth and great advice as to what is going to suit these old feet of mine.

Margie (31/5/2016)

Please accept this email as my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful online and telephone service. I live in regional Queensland and find it nearly impossible to buy shoes - think very narrow feet, arthritic foot joints and full length orthotics to boot! I recently purchased a pair on Black Combo Levanto Boots and they seem great. Will get me through the winter. Thank you again. Please make sure that you pass on my thanks to your staff. I just wish that I lived near Melbourne and I could come in person and try on all your great shoes.

Marg (31/5/2016)

Bought the "Chi" ankle boots last week and I am absolutely thrilled with them. They are the 4th pair the of Naot shoes/sandals I have purchased. They are unbelievably comfortable and supportive. I have worn them every day since. I am happy to pay a little extra for comfort - and a very pretty ankle boot. Love them. Thank you.

Jennifer (28/5/2016)

I have just purchased my 6th pair of shoes from you and I can honestly say that each and every pair I have bought have been the best shoes I have ever come across.

My first pair was in 2001 when I travelled throughout Europe and that is where I became hooked. It was quite a few years later when I bought my next pair and since then I will never buy another brand. I need supportive comfy and good looking shoes for work and casual and Naot shoes fit the bill perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

Nicole (22/4/2016)

I received my order of sandals and shoes this morning, and I wanted to thank you for your prompt delivery and service, I really appreciate it. The sandles and shoes are just what I wanted and fit me perfectly.

Mary (22/2/2016)

For the first time since I can remember I walked out of the store wearing my new shoes. I can't say how delighted I am with my purchase. I also have to thank Lucinda for her patience and great service. This is my go to store for shoes in the future.

Susan (23/1/2016)

Received shoes ,thanking you ,bought my first pair 5 years ago and wear them when overseas in Canada, Europe, England then South America last year and being so well worn decided I need another pair, thank you best regards,

Chris W (13/1/2016)

I received my exchange. I want thank you all at NAOT for the great service, the quality of product and fast tracked delivery. Wishing you a happy new year. Keep up the good work!


Robin (2/1/2016)

Hi Team, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for making such great shoes. Ths is my fifth pair of excellent Naot shoes. I wear orthotics, and your shoes are such a pleasure to wear. Thank you for such a high standard of merchandice.

Kind regards,

Allison P (27/12/2015)

Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service--my shoes arrived safely today and even the courier was lovely!

As usual with my Naot shoes they come straight out of box, onto my feet and feel like slippers!

Thank you again! And for the personalised note!

Eileen (1/12/2015)

A BIG thank you to Naot of Kew for the excellent service & prompt attention on the phone. The Martin Men's sandals arrived very quickly to me in Queensland. They are very comfortable & for the first time I am happy wearing sandals to drive with. The quality & look is outstanding.

Many thanks,

Harold T (4/11/2015)

Really impressive website, easy to use and purchase shoes online. Your returns policy is excellent as is your customer service. I have purchased 3 pairs online and have only had to return one pair due to size issues. Delivery is always prompt and the shoes are the best.

Thank you, I will be back!

Diane B (20/10/2015)

3 new pairs of shoes as investments for our long haul travel. Yours are the standout among these.

Above all, their outstanding feature is the light weight factor! A huge consideration for serious travellers. Secondly, the careful attention to detail handled in a professional but friendly manner by staff is exemplary! Follow up service - excellent.

Congratulations and in appreciation,

RK (9/10/2015)

I bought the Dorith sandals a week before heading to Spain for two weeks. I was not able to wear them prior to going as it was winter here in Melbourne. I just wanted to tell you how amazing these sandals were. I wore them every day and had not one problem with them and not even a hint of a blister despite walking hours on end every day. I have difficulty finding shoes that work because of my narrow foot, but these were AMAZING!!!!

Thank you so much!!

Rebecca K (2/10/2015)

A quick note to thank you for the super-fast arrival of my sandals and polish.
I LOVE them all and am looking forward to stepping out in them on my upcoming holiday to the NT.

NAOT has outdone themselves with the Carlotta style.
Are they considering extending the colour range similar to the other style I purchased?

Anyway - Thank You!
Enjoy the sprinter weekend.

Karen M (28/08/2015)

Wonderful service from start to finish! Beautiful shoes!
Perfect fit and 100% comfortable. Thank you so much for my free Bamboo
socks, they are awesome!

Vanessa (04/08/2015)

I am just writing to say that my new boots have arrived and they are great. Thank you also for the socks which were included in the parcel. They will be put to very good use. I love Naot shoes and look forward to purchasing more from you in the not too distant future.


Louise (03/08/2015)

Dear Naot of Kew Team,

Thank you, my order has arrived safely today.
As always, I know I will enjoy wearing my new shoes and will do so until they're thoroughly worn out.

Many thanks.

Marion S (03/08/2015)

My new boots arrived and they are perfect. I would like to thank the Naot at Kew Team. The service on every order I placed has been excellent.


Maureen L (29/05/2015)

Thank you Noat.

The shoes have just arrived and I have them on my feet - very happy. Very fast delivery, ordered on Saturday and arrived Monday!!


Bev S. (27/04/2015)

Thank you, my Megumi shoes arrived within 2 days, great service. These shoes are perfect, they run true to size and are a beautiful shoe. They are much smarter than they appear in the images. Great choice for travelling.

Pamela K. (24/04/2015)

With arthritis in my feet now and only being late 50s, I thought I would suffer forever. Naot has given me comfort and relief I never thought possible. Thankyou.

Sharon. (07/01/2015)

Love Naot shoes. I have very difficult feet with bunions and find these the best shoes ever. Next lifetime I'm coming back with perfect feet but till then Naot has my vote.

Yolande P. (09/12/2014)

Thankyou for my sitars, they arrived today. I love them. My fourth pair of Naots in 15 years. I only wear Naots.

Kaya B. (10/11/2014)

To the staff at Naot. Thank you once more for the speedy and courteous response in sending my recent order. I had forgotten about the socks so they were a nice surprise and the sandals are just what I had hoped for.

Jean A. (09/10/2014)

Wow, that's all I can say! Have just returned from overseas and wore my grandbi shoes literally everyday and everywhere? They were fantastic! No pain from my plantar faciitis at all. Absolutely incredible. I'm going to order some more shoes as I'm now wearing these ones for work. Thank you so much.

Sue W. (25/09/2014)

I received my naot sandals in the post today and wanted to acknowledge your excellent service - thank you. The complimentary socks were a very nice surprise and I am very pleased to receive them. Thanks again.

Jane B. (22/09/2014)

Thank you very much for so promptly sending the 'grandbi' shoes. I was surprised to see them so soon. I have been wearing these for many years & can most thoroughly recommend them as so comfortable for anyone with foot problems.

Heather. (12/08/2014)

I purchased a pair of Melia ankle boots in Black Combo a couple of months ago. Love them , they are so comfortable for walking. I already have a couple of pairs of sandals i have had for a couple of years, and love them also. My next Naot shoes will be for walking instead of sneekers. Thanks Naot for lovely comfortable shoes.

Jan F. (22/07/2014)

Just a quick email to say thankyou for sending the shoes so promptly as I need them ASAP, Ido think it is the quickest service I have ever received and will be recommending you to all my friends.

Leanne C. (02/07/2014)

My thanks to your store for sending me my latest pair of Naot Kirei shoes in today's post. I ordered them on 24/05 and given we've just had a long weekend in WA ... I am really pleased with the speed of delivery. I'm also over the moon with the hand-written note thanking me for my purchase and hoping that I love them. I DO! These are my second pair of Kirei shoes ... the first I wore constantly for three years. They look very shabby compared to the ones I have on my feet right now! Excellent service for an excellent brand of shoe from Naot of Kew!

Rhonda B. (04/06/2014)

I received my order yesterday and wish to thank you for your prompt service. The boots are perfect in every way.

Gwen. (28/05/2014)

I bought Corallo,a Prima Bella Collection quite recently and this is the first time in eight months of therapy that I feel completely satisfied and happy with my footwear in terms of comfort and healing - since I started my therapy due to spurs on both feet. In fact I just bought another Prima Bella (Luma) yesterday. I feel that Naot is the answer to my therapy need. I have searched and bought other brands (which are also expensive) but the discomfort persists.

Thank you so much Naot - my saviour. Prima Bella for me is not only comfort, it has a classy style as a bonus factor. My foot doctor has approved it and I don't even need to wear to Orthotics now.

Daisy S. (20/05/2014)

Thanks for sending the shoes so promptly, only ordered On Monday morning. And the personal message" We hope that you love them". They are just beautiful shoes. I thought they looked good on line but in the real they are just it. I ordered the Allegro Motif poppy red. Thanks soo much I am thrilled with them.

Margaret K. (15/05/2014)

What a refreshing touch in this age of push buttons and faceless computers. Thank you, Fiona, keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

Barbara H. (15/03/2014)

Last weekend I phoned your Kew store to enquire about some Naot slides I had found advertised on the internet. Fiona answered my call and was able to locate and send me these shoes promptly (by free delivery - thank you).

I did appreciate Fiona's efficient, polite and friendly manner and she even included a little personal note wishing me satisfaction and enjoyment with your product. What a refreshing touch in this age of push buttons and faceless computers. Thank you, Fiona, keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

Barbara H. (15/03/2014)

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my order which arrived today. I just love Naot shoes and have been wearing many different styles over past years but Norel and Karenna are two of my favourites. I will enjoy them, thanks again.

Janet M. (25/02/2014)

I just wanted to let you know that my new shoes arrived yesterday and I'm wearing them today. I am very happy with them and I will be ordering again from you as the service was exceptional. Thank you so much.

Jill P. (30/01/2014)

Thank you for fast delivery of my Karen sandals - I'm very pleased with them - free delivery & discount were great.

Lorraine. (11/01/2014)

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