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Keep your NAOT shoes looking good as new with Collonil Shoe Polish, our preference for a high quality shoe polish.

Collonil polishes are a general shoe polish and nourisher. Available in neutral as well as an extensive range of colours, they comes in small tubes - ULTRA, and large tubes with a sponge applicator - WATERSTOP. Apply lightly, let it dry and then buff with a cloth for the perfect finish.

To help you choose the right colour for your shoes, many of the styles on this site come with specific polish recommendations.

Collonil Ultra Cream Perlato is colour care for fine smooth leather with a metallic finish. To clean smooth leather, apply a thin layer, let dry and then polish with a cloth.

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Water Protection

Naot shoes are made from genuine, natural leather. All genuine leather requires general upkeep and maintenance in order to keep it well nourished, well conditioned, healthy and supple over time. It is not 100% waterproof (water resistant). Leather itself is does not fare well with water. It does have some level of water resistance due to its structure. Too much contact with water will cause the leather to become damp and wet - due to the absorbing nature of the material. When wet, once it dries it can become stiff and hard if dried unnaturally (i.e. using heaters/driers), losing its supple texture. If not dried quickly enough, it could start to rot.

Leather can never be a fully waterproofed. It can be treated to be water resistant to a degree, but will still not be entirely protected.

Instore we always recommend our customers spray new shoes with a water protector. This not only protects against moisture, but helps protect from dirt as well. Use Collonil's Waterstop. Hold can a short distance from the shoe. Spray 3 light coats, allowing to dry between each coat.

As the waterproofing efficiency wears off with use, it is best to keep up the waterproofing on a regular basis. Also, after regular polishing of your shoes, and the shoes have dried, do waterproof again.

Collonil's Waterstop is a great product for smooth leather, suede, nubuck, and high tech materials and textiles, such as silk and satin. (For Suede or Nubuck specifically, see Care for Suede and Nubuck.)

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Water Protection

Clean Smooth Leather

Never use household cleaners on your shoes. They are often abrasive, can cause colour loss and remove the surface on your shoes.

It is best to remove dirt by cleaning with a leather cleaner made specifically for smooth leathers. We recommend Collonil's Clean and Care which cleans all materials.

For all smooth leather finishes with a high polish, Collonil's Self- Shine is the product for you. This also revitalises leather giving it an elegant shine. Available in Neutral and Coloured, including Black, Browns, Blue.

After cleaning your shoes, re-apply Collonil's Waterstop to continue protection.

Take care cleaning stains as certain leathers will absorb the product you are using and create a whole new stain.

Always test on an inconspicuous part of the shoes prior. Only use products designed for the material of your goods.

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Keep Leather Goods Supple

Leather is a natural product. It is advisable to use a Leather conditioner from time to time in order to maintain the natural oils in the leather and keep it supple.

Consider a product like Collonil's Gold Premium Leather Polish for all non-suede leathers. This polish contains protective oils and other nourishing ingredients which have been refined into a delicate emulsion. This Formula is also ideal to both clean and make water repellent the most delicate and exclusive leathers.

Shoes made from tougher leathers, or shoes that are pinching, can be stretched using a leather stretch spray. Collonil's Stretch is an easy to use foam specifically for this purpose. Spray the leather both inside and outside most shoes, and wear the shoe wet to mould the shoe to the shape of the foot. For patent, reptile or brushed leather, spray Stretch only on the inside of the shoe.

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Looking After Suede or Nubuck

The first step is to protect suede and nubuk leather from dirt and moisture. For this use Collonil's Nubuk Velour in Neutral colour, a water protector especially formulated to protect your Suede and Nubuck. For the first application, two or three light, even sprays over the surface is ideal. Once dry, brush with a suede brush (with nylon and rubber bristles) in the direction of the grain. When the colour begins to fade is the time to switch to Collonil's Nubuck Velour with colour, such as Black, and Mid and Dark Browns. This will refresh the original colour and have them looking as new.

Collonil Nubuk + Textile liquid is colour care with a sponge applicator for suede and textiles. Available in neutral and colours.

Remove deeply embedded dirt with Collonil's Suede erasers or cleaning blocks:

Nubuk Box is a soft foam rubber sponge. This cleans and thoroughly roughens up suede.

Nubuk Cleaner is a firm rubber block for cleaning and removing scuff marks and stains from suede.

Only use products designed for the material of your shoes. Always test on an inconspicuous part of the shoes prior to use on the main stain.

After cleaning, use a suede brush. These brushes normally have two sides - one is a rubbery side and the other side has fine copper bristles. They are designed to be used with a light touch in order to restore the natural look.

We offer two styles of Collonil brushes: the Combi Nylon brush for suede and nubuk, and the Combi Wire Brush, which has rubber and brass wire bristles for cleaning and brushing more robust forms of nubuk.

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Looking After Suede or Nubuck

Caring For Patent Shoes

Patent is a treated leather with a high gloss finish. Patent leather can be prone to cracking if not cared for correctly. Using the correct polish helps preserve the elasticity of the patent and prevents cracks in the material.

For care of patent leather we recommend Collonil's Lack Polish special care for patent leather. Easy to use with a sponge applicator, Lack Polish comes in both Neutral and Colours.

Never store patent touching patent. Ensure shoes are kept in their box separated from each other with packaging.

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